Welcome future: Event-Management for the Vitos OK

Having a respected medical luminary and an experienced leader role is not a trivial venture for a clinic. All the more solemnly the event frame for the greeting oft he new head physician as well as the managing director of the Vitos orthopedic clinic Kassel should turn out. Under the Motto „Welcome to the future“ the Vitos group invited physicians and stakeholders to officially introduce Prof. Heers and Bernd Tilenius and to end the anniversary year 2017 (100 years of OKK) at the same time.

The historic architecture of the Ständehaus effectively illuminated in the „Brand-colors“ provided a great backdrop. The Knut-Richter-trio played. And a flying buffet of the flying cooks provided the culinary background of the stylish event.

About Vitos: Vitos Orthopedic Clinic Kassel is one of the largest specialist hospitals for surgical and conservative treatment of the entire musculoskeletal system. The facility belongs to the Vitos group which is represented at about 60 locations in Hessen. Vitos OKK is a company of LWV Hessen.

PAC took over the conception and staging of the event and comprehensively contributet its expertise in Live-Communication umfassend ein.

Some photos are used with the approval of the Vitos OKK.