Sometimes in pictures, sometimes in words. A film with changing tempo. Though always connected with people that stay important.


When society changed into a consumer society, the commercial industry in the 70ies changed with it, turning away from functionalism into a more emotional approach.

Being ahead of his time, Helmuth E. Jünger realizes his vision of a true Full-Service Agency.

PAC becomes established across the nation. Furniture and grocery industries put their trust into the hands of PAC, which takes a leap from creative playground to medium-sized enterprise.

80ies & 90ies

Full service – in consequence, this means connecting creativity with growing technological requirements.

In 1995, Carsten H. Jünger becomes involved in the family business and advances the credo in-house even further. He brings technical affinity as well as mercantile know-how to the table.

With the introduction of the macintosh, the development of the in-house photo studio and new impulses through pre-press and quality management, he manages to expand the client portfolio. It includes enterprises in medium and large scale as well as assocations from now on.

Nice to know: The 80ies are the birth century of the legendary punktra as well as it seems to appear in the PAC chronics for the first time.


With Martin Jünger entering the ring, the family is complete. The agency re-defines itself. Brochure and Ad-design become less important. Renowned global players turn their heads and tasks to PAC.

Projects of strategic development are getting more and more important. The historically grown design competence is finding its way into complex campaigns of internal and external nature.

After excting years of establishment, development, and stabilisation, Helmuth E. Jünger turns his head to private goals. Which makes Carsten and Martin managing partners of PAC.


Channels start to multiply, classic advertising flanks social media. Terms like „content strategy“ and „storytelling“ begin to dominate the marketing discourse.

Live-communication becomes a strong branch in PAC’s portfolio. Projects involving internal international tradeshows for health care and automotive industry become a regular.

PAC makes investments in full-video. Next to classic formats like image- and product films, the agency starts to produce drawn explanatory films and webcasts in newsmag style. Times are as emotional as the films.

No matter the topic, PAC is involved, crossing all media.