The Neudorff-Gartenfibel: Nature as a declared business goal

The brand new Neudorff-Gartenfibel will be released in a seven digit edition again this year. It informs garden friends on 48 pages in addition to numerous valuable care and product information on bee and insect protection and nature conscious gardening. Neudorff GmbH once again lives up to the commitment to climate protection, sustainability and ecological responsibility in its products. This awareness which is firmly anchored in the corporate philosophy has meanwhile become rewarded with the Green Brands-label.

For decades PAC has been responsible for the realization and reproduction of the Gartenfibel and the numerous guides in various languages and is proud to be able to support the natural garden pioneer ambitiously in this exemplary way.

Interested in reading through the Gartenfibel? The PDF document can be found on the website of Neudorff in the menu item Downloads or as a digital magazine under