Easy and uncomplicated – Virtual events such as trade fairs, conferences, meetings & co.

Summer, spring, autumn, winter: Our four seasons. In some places, the carnival season boasts a special popularity and joins the ranks as the “fifth season”. Among marketers, there is also a period that can easily be called the fifth season: Trade fair season. But what to do when trade fairs and events are cancelled – how to present your message to the masses? We have a suggestion: virtual events.

Marketing managers are looking for fast, uncomplicated and secure solutions for virtual trade fairs, conferences or events – and a practicable way out of the provider and software jungle.
With the optimal platform, conference rooms, lectures and trade fair stands can be transferred to the web easily, cost-effectively and compatibly with your conference platform (MS Teams, Webex, etc.).

As a premium partner of one of the largest providers of virtual event and trade fair platforms, we can now plan your event – live or on demand and entirely according to your needs. In doing so, we have not reinvented ourselves, but are reliably there for you in terms of organisation, conception, design and project management.

Fast or very fast?
On the way to your virtual trade fair stand and conference, you can use the high-speed variant, in which we individualise the existing templates with your design or integrate your trade fair stand, which is available as a 3D view. Photos can also be used.
We would also be happy to conceptualise and design a completely new exhibition stand for your digital transformation.

With our decades of experience in 3D trade fair planning and architecture, online marketing, conception and design, we can implement your projects in-house in a short time. With the CMS-based platform, it is possible to implement almost any digital event quickly, easily and, above all, in compliance with data protection laws.

Generate leads live and in real time

Although they are not physically present, trade fair visitors do not want to miss out on the experience of a real lecture programme.
By integrating various tools such as livestreams, webcasts or innovative chat functions, it is also possible for participants to experience the feeling of a real live event online. Thus, all participants have the choice to stay in the audience role, to get advice in individual conversations or to participate in group discussions. White papers and your marketing material can be easily downloaded.
Even the digital coffee break can be realised in real time – networking included, just like at “real” trade fairs.

For organisers, digital trade fairs have even more advantages:

  • Generating leads without travel costs and with CO2 savings
  • Offer participants the possibility of a live event from home
  • Live lectures can be replayed as recordings (on demand)
  • No logistical effort. Visitors to a virtual trade fair can enter the site via PC, smartphone or tablet


We have many ideas for exciting event formats and are already looking forward to the conception and creation of your digital event!

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