Virtual events: Get in touch with the other world of the live experience!

Case Study of the virtual B. Braun EN Week.


Sharing Expertise meets the Power of Imagination

The fact that live experience in virtual space no longer has an architectural and static framework, but can create a new version of the customer experience, was demonstrated by PAC in the staging of the B. Braun internal EN Week. Under the motto “The Future of Enteral Nutrition”, the user experienced a future world on the screen, both thematically and visually, which intelligently links the unknown and the familiar.

The positive effect of the creatively created virtual illusion triggered a spark of ideas and enthusiasm among the participants of the international conference. The organiser team and conference participants enjoyed the interaction via live chat and an innovative meet & greet collaboration tool. With the keynote “Let’s exchange ideas”, any physical distance became a secondary matter.


“It was a week full of great vibes, great ideas,
wonderful exchange and a lot of creative input
from so many people.”
(S. Gacic, B. Braun Melsungen AG)


The conference with exhibition and a total of 27 lectures was extensively attended by around 1,700 participants from 35 countries.
More than 14,000 visits were recorded in the 9 theme rooms and foyers of the trade fair according to the evaluation of the reporting.

Content is King – Performance is Queen

Excellent server performance put the international conference on a solid and constantly secure footing.  With a total volume of 25 gigabytes and the downloadable content of 250 film, image and document files in various languages, any hunger for information could be satisfied.

PAC’s 24/7 full-service support and the excellent CMS-based infrastructure of the Expo-IP trade fair platform ( gave the customer the good feeling of being able to include important and up-to-date information even at short notice.

The consistently positive feedback after one week, packed with new impressions, information and the lively exchange beyond the virtual live event, confirms the commitment of all involved.

The project shows once again that virtual events can not only be a supplement or a hybrid twin, but also the equivalent of real encounters, if the involvement and the experience are pushed according to the format.