Search Engine Marketing Glossary

The cheat sheet: Our small SEO and SEA glossary for the perfect overview in search engine marketing





Backlink A link from an external page to your own website. Backlinks are a ranking factor for search engines.
Black Hat SEO Manipulative measures that violate the guidelines of search engine providers (e.g., backlink purchases).
Conversion Conversion of a prospect into a customer; in online marketing, this can also be a click on a page, a download, a registration or similar.
Crawler (also web crawler, spider, searchbot, robot) Computer program (bot) that searches the Internet (more precisely: World Wide Web) for data; analyzes content and indexes it to improve the performance of search engines.
CTR Click-through rate; expressed as a percentage, it is the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions.
Description Description text for pages or images. The description for pages can be displayed in the snippet.
Impression A link to a website that is visible to a user.
Indexing Inclusion of data/content in an index (own search directory) for faster findability; prerequisite for visibility in search engines.
Keyword Search term
Meta information This includes title and description, meta tags and URLs
Meta tag Help search engines better understand website information; invisible to users. They can contain, for example, information about the content, publisher, author, and copyright.
Offpage measures Subarea of search engine optimization (SEO); can only be influenced outside the own website, e.g. backlinks.
Onpage measures
Subarea of search engine optimization (SEO); directly customizable on your own website.
Organic search result Search result of a search engine on a search engine results page (SERP) that is not paid for.
PPC Short for Pay-Per-Click, a form of payment for online advertisements. Payment is based on the number of clicks on the ad.
Ranking (Search Engine) Ranking is the positioning of a website within the search results (SERP). The first 10 search results on Google are visible on page 1.
Rich snippet Display form of a search result on Google that contains more than just a link. It can contain carousels, images, or other non-text-based elements.
SEA Short for Search Engine Advertising
SEO Short for Search Engine Optimization
SERP Abbreviation for Search Engine Result Page. This refers to the page with the search results that the search engine displays.
Snippet Snippet refers to the page preview of a website in the search results (SERP) of the search engine. Google has different display formats, such as text snippets, rich snippets or featured snippets. An optimized snippet can have a positive effect on the click-through rate.
Search volume Number of search queries for a specific search term (keyword) in a specific period of time.
Title Page title of a website; belongs together with the description to the snippet optimization.
URL Short for Uniform Resource Locator; adress of a single webpage.


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