Brand positioning: proFagus organises 3 Root Camps for the reforestation of German forests

Communicate and strengthen the brand positioning despite the pandemic? This was no problem for proFagus® in 2020 either – albeit under new conditions. Because in the past year, all eyes were probably primarily on the topic of Corona. But there are other, serious matters that should not simply be forgotten and that even a pandemic does not stop at. The climate crisis cannot simply be paused, even if the impression has arisen here and there.

proFagus® remains true to its brand positioning

Last year, proFagus® also made its contribution to the preservation of forests and once again strengthened its brand positioning. At a total of three Root Camps in different regions of Germany, the barbecue charcoal manufacturer planted a total of 3,100 trees together with the PEFC and many volunteers. In this way, three contributions were made to the reforestation of Germany – the most densely forested country in Europe.

Despite the special circumstances, the three planned Root Camps took place in Pronstorf, Warstein and Horn-Bad Meinberg – naturally under special precautionary and hygiene measures. Participation in the Root Camp was possible via displays at the POS and via a landing page. In cooperation with PEFC, dozens of volunteers planted seedlings in selected forest areas to do their part in sustainable forestry and the preservation of our forests together with proFagus®. The many lucky winners of the raffle were also thrilled by the evening programme: campfire and grilled specialities prepared by a professional barbecue team – an adventure weekend for young and old!


Brand positioning comprehensively communicated through full-service performance

PAC was once again able to shine in the brand positioning thanks to the advantages of a full-service agency: Because we not only built landing pages in advance and designed the displays at the POS. We were also personally on site at each of the three Root Camps, answered the participants’ questions and accompanied the event with the camera and on social media. After each Root Camp, we surprised the participants with an analogue mailing and thus made the topic of sustainability tangible in retrospect.

The background to the campaign is to pass on the brand positioning of proFagus® – acting responsibly and sustainably. proFagus® is therefore passionate about making barbecue fans aware of the origin of charcoal. Unlike many other suppliers of barbecue charcoal, proFagus® does not use tropical wood. Only regional beech wood from thinning PEFC-certified, sustainable forestry or untreated residual wood from the sawmill and furniture industry is processed into the premium products.