Otto Ettari online shop: Of “blood of Jupiter” and the love for wine

„Life’s too short to drink bad wine“, Goethe stated once. And because we think the same way, we have launched an online shop for our customer Otto Ettari. Conception, text and design are made by PAC. Here, everyone across Germany can convince oneself of the love and passion of the wine growers of this eight-hectare winery and of the good taste of Sangiovese. Apart from the Tuscan wine which received multiple awards, Otto Ettari offers also olive oil.
This project was an exciting task for us as besides of the online shop launch, we could dive into the world of wines, press-house and flavors and learn something new about viticulture and wine production.

Eight-hectare love for Sangiovese

Otto Ettari – that means eight hectares of love for vine and olive trees. 2015 the two wine growers who happen to be cousins, bought the winery in Montenero d’Orcia in Tuscany. The Sangiovese vine they grow certainly is known to wine connoisseurs. It can be found in Tuscan classics such as Chianti, Brunello and Vino nobile. Even the Etruscans are believed to cultivate Sangiovese. By the way, the name means “blood of Jupiter” (sangue = blood & Giove = Jupiter), which means a lot when you think of Jupiter being the biggest of the Roman gods. It is therefore not surprising that two of the wines have been chosen by “ilGolosario” among the 100 best Italian wines last year.

Online shop with Italian flair

With our passion for design, we took charge for the online shop of Otto Ettari to infect other people with passion for this sort and further wines.
Already when you open the webpage you get drawn into the Mediterranean flair by the pictures of the Tuscan winery. Besides wine you can also find high-quality olive oil in the online shop and satisfy your yearning for sun and the Italian lifestyle in passing. Through the clear structure and comfortable layout, you can inform yourself about wine and olive oil and order them in a few steps and in three languages.

Big dream in a small “Paese”

We definitely learned something new about wine, from cultivation to manufacturing, and we had a lot of fun with designing the website including the online shop.
As additionally we took charge of the media planning and realization in lifestyle magazines and trade journals, falstaff published an article, too.

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