Marketing 4.0

From a simplified perspective, the true nature of Marketing 4.0 or the Roadmap to the Future lies in social change. Digital marketing is definitely more than just a megatrend. It is a necessity due to the evolutionary change process of our communication behavior.
The proclamation is to accept the challenges and seize opportunities. Digitization is a word-rich word in everyone’s mouth, the posts and articles on the World Wide Web range from artificially stylized complexity to nebulous phrase texts. The innovation leaders in the automotive, medical and tourism industries show that the walk through the dark digital can also be mastered with a certain hint of ease.

Marketing 4.0 is simply nothing more than the sensible networking of classic marketing tools with the technologies of our, not “the” digital age.

Fascinating experiences and uncomplicated knowledge transfer enhance the possibilities of marketing and information culture.

AR and VR in marketing

Augmented Reality, AR for short, gives the classic print or POS media “wings”, so to speak. The classic print media, such as supplements, brochures, manuals, instruction manuals, children’s books or customer magazines advance via app use to a multimedia information experience. Visitor guidance systems and exhibitions also become functional experiences with AR technology. The implementation is uncomplicated. In the classic print designs or POS designs, pictograms, so-called markers, are implemented which can be read by mobile phones, tablets or data glasses via app. These links link to the relevant content: computer-generated images, animations or films, infographics or texts.

Virtual Reality (VR) provides impressive spatial experiences. Knowledge and information transfer are saved by VR as unique experiences in the long term. By means of a HoloLens, the viewer becomes an actor in a virtually created 3D world. He explores products or an environment, trains and learns techniques, experiences situations or transcends boundaries. VR shows the momentum of life in a simulation. The brain believes what it sees and generates the corresponding emotions.

Especially at trade fairs and conferences, technologies such as VR/AR or projection mapping can be effectively combined or used as individual solutions and live communication can push to unique live experiences.

We would be happy to discuss your optimal digital strategy with you. See you in the future.


Making products and services tangible with smart AR/VR concepts – PAC cooperates with ARRI, the world market leader in cinetechnology.

Special presentation at the automechanika: : Projection mapping show on a VW Golf. Concept and design made by PAC..