Healthcare Marketing: Launch campaign for Spaceplus infusion system

Award-winning healthcare marketing for B. Braun’s flagship in infusion therapy

Digital launch in times of COVID-19

Progressiveness – a term that can definitely be associated with the newly launched digital infusion system Spaceplus and OnlineSuiteplus. And the launch itself was also progressive: because normally you would stage such a significant product at a trade fair for all the senses. How to make the haptics, the handling, the personal conversation tangible via the screen? In line with the joint history of PAC and B. Braun, in which we have already accompanied Space® and Compactplus in the field of infusion therapy, we have now successfully designed a digital launch campaign that is in no way inferior to the overall analogue experience.

Launch support from minute 1

We accompanied the launch from the very first minute. Well-founded workshops, in which we dealt intensively with the target group, served as the basis for the new campaign. What goals, what challenges does the target group face in their everyday lives? Where do opportunities arise? Through which touchpoints can the target group be reached? Through our experience in the field of customer experience journeys, personae gradually emerged that would serve as the basis for further strategy development.

Marketing for the target group of healthcare professionals

The launch of the product coincides with an anniversary: For 70 years, B. Braun has been doing pioneering work in infusion therapy for 70 years and is constantly setting new standards. So it goes without saying that Spaceplus, the latest generation, also impresses with advanced handling, outstanding safety for professionals and patients, and the latest digital features with regard to big data and cyber security. The claim, which gets to the heart of the matter in three words, was created in the spirit of Hospital 4.0: Advanced. Superior. Digital.

Digital product launch

Even before the ecosystem of Spaceplus and OnlineSuiteplus was presented to the general public, a global healthcare marketing campaign had to be designed for the product launch.
product launch. A large launch event was planned which – due to COVID-19 – could not take place as a face-to-face event as originally planned. However, the switch to a digital event did not detract from the success – quite the opposite! We exhausted all digital possibilities, created various mailings and a pre-launch social media campaign. Users were directed to an innovatively designed website that anteasied the product and finally led to a registration form for the digital launch. Equipped with the 3D product trailer and a launch video from our in-house production, we moved step by step towards the launch. On 22 April at 13:30 CET, the time had come and the infusion system was launched via a Youtube livestream.


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The next marketing measures followed directly after the product presentation.

After the launch, viewers were directed to the new website by means of a mailing, in order to be able to deal with the product comprehensively. The product launch was also followed up on social media. Classic product brochures and presentations, but also various handling videos round off the campaign and may be used from now on.

Trailer made by PAC for the product launch of Spaceplus & OnlineSuiteplus wins award

The product trailer for B. Braun’s latest automated infusion system Spaceplus & OnlineSuiteplus has been awarded bronze by Healthcare Marketing as “Spot of the Month May 2021”. The aim was to present the features of the new system concisely and clearly. It was also to make clear that this product redefines modern infusion therapy by ensuring digital data security and interoperability. The features are staged in an exciting way through various fade-ins and perspectives of the product.

The communication of the future needs moving images and the future of infusion therapy needs an intelligent and secure infusion ecosystem like Spaceplus, in pandemic times and beyond. Therefore, this marketing project is a great and fitting example of video communication implementation in the Digital (B2B) category. Due to the Covid pandemic, a digital product presentation was the best solution to reach the target group of healthcare professionals.
Every month, the trade magazine for healthcare marketing awards the best moving image spots to offer companies new and diverse opportunities to emotionally inform their customers with well-made films.

By the way: Not only our trailer was awarded, also the design of Spaceplus was ennobled with the iF and Red Dot Award. The Space infusion pumps are one of the most important products of our loyal customer B. Braun. With the latest version Spaceplus, therapy in intensive care units and in the field of parenteral nutrition becomes even easier, more digital and at the same time safer. The new design and the numerous features, such as the possibility of a connection to the electronic patient file, support this.

Positive feedback from viewers and B. Braun, as well as good engagement rates on social media, an SEO-optimised website and a total of over 13,600 views on the YouTube stream show us the success of our marketing campaign for this product launch in the healthcare sector. We are looking forward to the next one!

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