Genius doubleplay: virtual and hybrid trade shows

Beyond time and space, there is a place where we meet. A place that dissolves borders and removes relativity. The virtual space. Equipped with all the possibilities of digital marketing, virtual trade fairs or workshops can offer organizers and customers real added value.

The keyboard is usually not yet fully exhausted in order to compensate for the empathic or haptic stimuli of a live face-to-face event. A virtual fair is much more than a website with exhibitor links, ordering functions and chat bots. It scores points with a “more entertainment”, such as virtual showrooms, interactive product presentations, games, chats, voting, live streams and webcasts. Visitors and their customer journeys are virtually controllable, and the product information experience is ideally intensified.

Virtual trade fairs as flanking counterparts
Depending on the chosen trade fair format, exhibitors benefit twice as much as at hybrid trade fairs, for example. A well-organized “physical” trade fair or conference requires multimedia features such as an event app, chat and matching functions. Augmented and Virtual Reality elements are actually considered to be special experiences by visitors to the fair. This means that the investment in digital media is already available for analogue trade fair formats. It makes sense to create a virtual exhibitor directory and create 3D showrooms. The rewards are the innovative Zeitgeist-character, the longer presence and a higher range of coverage.

Digital Expedition as Preview
For exhibitors, the Booth configurator becomes a convenient planning and ordering standard, and a trade fair demo presentation serves as an attractive appetizer. Whether it’s a physical trade fair event or a virtual format, the interested exhibitor can move through the pre-designed exhibition hall and discover his presentation possibilities before making a booking. It couldn’t be more convincing.

We would be happy to discuss your ideal digital strategy and your physical trade fair or conference project with you. We can create event – real and virtual.