B. Braun website: Nutrition in corona patients

COVID-19 is the no. 1 topic nowadays. Especially people working in the healthcare sector have to face a whole new challenge. For these people we created a global campaign together with B. Braun – the topic: clinical nutrition in COVID-19 patients.

Why nutrition to fight corona?

The right nutritional status plays a crucial role for the recovery of virus infections. Malnutrition weakens the body and with it the defense reaction against viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. To avoid this, it’s important to intervene in the right way as soon as possible. The website and an info sheet quickly inform physicians and other healthcare professionals about everything that matters and mustn’t be forgotten.

Info on website, social media and Co.

Beside website and info sheet, we inform healthcare professionals via social networking platforms about everything they need to know concerning clinical nutrition in severe ill corona patients. Thank you for letting us help create awareness to this topic!

Click here for access to the website!