AfAK internship at PAC – Full speed ahead through training!

Our AfAK intern Jonas Ludewig started his training as a state-certified communications manager at the PAC in 2018. Now his time with us is coming to an end and soon he will have his degree in the bag. We asked him how he felt about his internship at PAC and what’s next for him now.

We meet in the agency’s creative lab, sit on the big couch with a Corona-compliant safe distance and chat about agency life, first work experiences and personal insights from the internship period. Jonas looks back on his time with us.


Dear Jonas, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the PAC advertising agency?

That’s easy: a great team! Not only did I learn a lot from professionals, but I also had a lot of fun.


How long were you at PAC?

I started my internship in 2018 and finished it this year, so two years in total. However, I was actually able to gain my first insight during a student internship in ninth grade.


In which area did you work?

I was mainly involved in the areas of moving image and photography and worked as an assistant on photo and video shoots. However, I was also able to support in other areas, e.g. social media or events.


How did you come to the PAC?

As I said, I already did an internship at the PAC during my school days, also already in the photo studio. That’s how I discovered my interest in the subject of photography and moving images, so I decided to do an apprenticeship in this department. And because PAC is broadly positioned in this area and has a lot to offer, the decision was made quickly. Through my previous internship here, I already knew many colleagues and was able to show what I was capable of.


What did your working day look like, what tasks did you do?

I usually came to the agency around 8 a.m. – then I had to have a quick coffee! Then we discussed in the team which tasks and deadlines were coming up, and then it was straight down to business. Most of the time I helped in editing and post-production, but generally I provided support wherever it was needed. This gave me a good insight into the agency world.

“Photography and film are not a nine-to-five job to me, but a vocation.”


What do you take away from your time at PAC?

I can’t imagine any other job by now. My place is behind the camera. Photography and film are not a nine-to-five job to me, but a vocation. In this respect, I leave the internship with a great deal of certainty about my career choice!


What did you like best about it?

First and foremost, I liked the fact that the tasks were so varied. There is a variance of clients here, so I came into contact with a wide variety of people and projects. From product shots in the studio to outdoor shoots or portrait shoots, there was really everything.


Your advice for all future interns?

Show initiative! Always keep your eyes open in the agency and just think a little bit. That’s how you quickly learn to take responsibility. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone here always has an open ear for each other.

“You should be a team player and, above all, enjoy working together.”


What personal qualities should you have?

You should definitely be able to get involved in new things, so you should have a “basic curiosity”. We work together in teams here, so you should be able to work in a team and, above all, enjoy it. Creativity is also important, of course! When you start working here, you will quickly notice that the team gets along well and everyone is very relaxed with each other. You will feel most comfortable here if you are in a similar mood.


What compensation do you have for your work?

I’ve been skateboarding for a long time and am involved in the cardistry scene. But my work didn’t stop at the agency’s doorstep; the camera was always part of my private life as well.


What’s next for you now?

I’m now collecting material for my application portfolio – if everything works out, I’ll soon start studying film to further deepen my theoretical knowledge.


Your funniest experience?

Actually, every lunch break was a highlight in itself, so many funny things happened that I can’t really put it all together now. Our Christmas trip was a lot of fun, especially the bus ride will stay in my memory. But I don’t want to give too much away here!


Finally, can you describe your PAC internship in 3 words?

Varied, Exciting, Formative.


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